Jeff Gutman

No Way Back (2006)
An album four years in the making, these complex songs combine elements from many different different musical genres. Each song has multiple sections, like a journey where each section takes you through different moods. There is a running theme carrying through the songs- that although some people live in the past believing it was a better time, there is no way back to sanctuary.
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Through the Night (2010)
​Powerful piano driven songs, bristling with energy and raw emotion. An confessional album where the songs taken together give a complete picture, showing the highs and lows of an emotional journey. The songs are diverse, with multi-sectional rock suites sitting alongside with quiet confessional piano songs with full string arrangements.
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Arrive (2016)

Bay Area multi-instrumentalist provides layers of sound in self-produced album. Spanning multiple genres, this upbeat introspective album touches upon modern themes of tech addiction using styles from Americana to Ragtime to Rock.
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​The Mindfire Tapes (1999) 
A Collection of Song Fragments, Sound Experiments and Ambient Instrumentals.

​Hellfire Vampire (2000)
Out of print. Will be available again soon.

Cold Cold Town (2002)
Stories of survival in a declining metropolis. Energetic rhythms, complex chords, memorable melodies & lyrics.