​Through the Night (2010)
All songs © 2010 by Jeff Gutman,
Published by Mr. Knees Music, ASCAP

Oh my Child
I can't wait to see your eyes
I can't wait to feel your light
I've been waiting quite a while
I would wander around for days
In my mind a darkened haze
And my voice would fade away
Because I had nothing left to say
If I knew you were on your way...(You take so long)
And I can hardly wait
If something's wrong
Then I can't make you stay
But you know I'd be grateful for a day 
All the times I could've died
from the fire in my mind
I was running out of time
You're the reason I survived
On and on the story goes
So it's written I suppose
By a hand that no one knows
To plant a seed and pray it grows 
I'll hold you in my arms
Closer to my heart
And I'll take on all the pain
Watch it all again just to have you here
Oh won't you?
I'll take on all the pain
Wash it off again just to have you here
Oh won't you?
And we want you to
And we want you - Please... 

​Run To You
I run to you when I need you
With all my fear inside
I was so lost till I found you
And I won't ever let you down down down 
Your light is shining to guide the way
And I won't let you slip away 
Sometimes my words can get twisted
But all I ever mean to say say say
I hope somehow that you'll hear me
That I don't ever mean for you to cry cry cry 
Your light is shining - everyday
And I won't let you slip away 

Through The Night
I don't know where the road goes
I don't know that I will
I don't know what your dreams will hold
But I'll lie here beside you
With you, through the night You fell out of a bad dream
You fell out of the skies
You fell farther than you could fall
But I'll be there to catch you
And I'll take you home 
The sun on the horizon
The sun rising again
The sun shines over everyone
And we fade like the shadows
that we leave behind And now your eyelids are heavy
​And now you drift into sleep
And now you head down that dusty trail
And where? Where will it lead you?
Somewhere, through the night... 

Won't You Say You Will
Oh won't you say you will stay with me until
I can feel the sun - I've been holding on
Nowhere left to fall, no one there at all
To take all this weight, I can't get away
High above the street, you could finally see
People out of time, marching in a line
​Trapped inside a day, daylight slips away
And there's so much more that you can't ignore 
I've been waiting for the time to come along
I've been waiting for the other shoe to fall
And I hope that I won't be waiting long
I've been waiting for the time to wait some more 
Oh won't you say you will stay with me until
I can find the ground - 'cause I've been floating around
Not afraid to fall, nothing there at all
I took all the weight, gave it all away
High above the street, I can finally see
People out of time, marching in a line
Trapped inside a day, daylight slips away
And there's so much more that I won't ignore 

Make It Stop
​And I held on for a day
Watched the candle melt away
Watched as every hope I held inside would slowly fade to grey 
​It was not my time to go
Chase the shadows down below
Chase the swirling turning thoughts that I held trapped inside the door
There was no one home at all
Just the voices down the hall
And the echoes of the footsteps that had
nowhere left to fall 
Oh the things we said that day
Words to shelter, words to pray
Words that fell like hollow rain that never
washed it all away 
Won't you please make it stop?
Won't you please make the bleeding stop?!? 

Pull Me Down
Pull me down, hold me down
Pull me down, I won't recover 
Thought my hands were strong
Kept you safe from harm
There was nothing I could do
on that darkened night
And the undertow that we faced alone
With the river black and cold rising high 
And I wait so long till my breath was gone
I was swaying back and forth with the tide
And I sank so low and they'll never know
How I waited and I prayed for a sign 

To Make A Life
​What does it mean to make a life?
And try to help it grow
I've wandered through the night
But I can't let it go
All of the doctors with their lies
I guess we're on our own
When you believe you're always right
The things you'll never know 
I cannot take this, I can't escape it now
I'm reminded all the time
I can't accept this, I won't accept it
I don't believe I'm strong enough 
So what does it mean to make a life?
Just to watch it fade
All of the doctors tried and tried
Till they just turned away
I've never witnessed such a height
And never such a fall
There was a choice we had to make
When there's no choice at all 
​I cannot take this, I can't escape it now
I'm reminded all the time
I can't accept this, I won't accept it
I have to leave this all behind 

Beating Heart
Tonight we're heading down
All the way to the bottom
Sliding through the alleyways
Their names were forgotten
The cracks here they run so deep
That you might get lost
The shadows are filled with ghosts Hiding in the fog 
There's something down there -Something we buried over
Under the pavement
Through all the winding tunnels
There's something down there -
​Something that pulls me under
Down with the shadows
I feel the pulse of a beating heart... 
Tonight we're finding out
What's under the ground
The steam and machinery
That make up the town
I feel like I'm finally home
And I don't want to leave
Tomorrow may never come
And that's all right with me...
Please let me forget it all
if just for tonight... 

Waiting Around
We've been waiting around
​And it's been so long
Hiding under the ground
But it's been too long
We could turn it around
And it's been so long
Try to figure it out
But we might be wrong 
Day after day adding up till we start again
Low after high after low till we start again
Day after day piling up till we start again
Low follow high follow low, can we start again? 
We've been waiting around
And it's been so long
Holding on to the ground
But it's been too long
Nothing's coming around
And it's been so long
Try to figure it out
But you might be wrong 

Ain't That Something?
​All through the night
Waiting in line for the light
On the train down the track
If it arrives I'll be on time
For the light of my life to come back 
What if it never seems to arrive?
What if it never comes?
Tell me it's not all in my mind
Tell me it's not a dream... 
Now that the station closed for the night
And the train hasn't run in so long
Still I would wait though it's so late
Just to see if you might come along 
And so they say there'll come a day
When you'll look back and laugh at it all
All of the days you couldn't wait
Just to see what was coming along 
What do I see? I can't believe...
Rumbling through the fog
I know you're not passing me by
I know you're not a dream...Ain't that something? 

Monsters In The Night
​Every corner in the road
Turning back in an endless circle
I was stranded on my own
Wait in silence but no one's coming
I can't wait here anymore
Moving on in the wrong direction
And the doorway in the wall
Opened up to another doorway 
All the voices will slowly fade away
I hear them get further everyday
And the monsters surround you in the night
Come the morning they'll vanish in the light 
And I looked up to the stars and the sky was
an empty canvas
And I never felt so hard and I never have felt so hopeless
And I wonder where you are and I pray I
can find you somehow
There's no difference near or far,
every path now will lead me to you 
Through an open window pane,
broken glass like a frozen flower
There I thought I saw your face,
smiling up through the faint reflection
Things will never be the same,
but they never will seem that different
Things will never be the same
and they never will seem so different
Close your eyes - it's time to go to sleep
Little one - it's time to go to sleep 

​Where Dreams Are Made
I'm wide awake
There's no mistake
My eyes have seen you
Across the water
Down by the lake
Where dreams are made
I've waited so long just for a moment
With you... 
Can I rise above the icy waters?
Keep my head above the tide... 
I thought that I
Had run out of time
And here's the moment
I've waited for
Down by the lake
Where dreams are made
​I'll stay beside you
Always to guide you back home... 

When The Dust Has Settled
When the dust has settled
And they finally leave us
Standing where we first began
On our own Say it's been an hour
It might as well have been ten years
​But I don't care about the time anymore 
Looking back at pictures
I don't recognize the faces
Who were we then? Who are we now?I don't know...
 In the early morning
Everything looks different now
​Is it only in my mind? I hope so... 
Wait all night
Know that I would wait all night
Wait all night
​Know that I'm awake all night
She may hide
Underneath the amber light
Amber light
​Know that I'm awake all night.

Arrive (2016)

All songs © 2016 by Jeff Gutman, ​Published by Mr. Knees Music, ASCAP

Lyrics to come.

Cold Cold Town (2002)
All songs © 2002 by Jeff Gutman,
Published by Mr. Knees Music, ASCAP

​Cold Cold Town
A cold cold town is where I've been
And the pastel houses run from end to end
And the people crowd up and down the street
Through the push and shove With no time to meet
They've got lines on the buildings
Lines on their faces
Carving lines on the buildings
Lines on their faces
A cold cold town full of sin
And the milky fog fills streets of tin
And the doors are closing Everywhere I turn
Through the paper trails As I watch them burn
Lines on the buildings
Lines on their faces
But I fall into the ground
Caught in the way
Heels crashing over me
Faceless and grey...

Sister Meltdown
I played with sister meltdown
She's tired of counting backward
Her fingernails are turning brown
​She showed me where her back hurts
She told me on a dead end day
There's nothing worth repeating,
But call me if you find your way
I'll try to meet you there.
Play along...
Her tangled hair is dripping down
Swimming on her forehead
She's dangling above the crowd
And everyone's surrounded
I told her on a dead end day
I'm not sure what you're thinking,
But call me if you find your way
I'll try to meet you there.
Play a long...time.

No Left Turn
Up on a pale morning and
Just a minute to go
Watching the people running out
When there's no one you know
When someone was talking 
Someone was listening
​Someone was hearing nothing at all
Something was happening
Something you're missing
Wishing away you're tripping to fall
All of the roads are filling up
But you're stuck in a line
Starting to miss the sun but it's
Just a matter of time
Till they pull you apart And push you together
Whittle you down and filed away
Maybe the season maybe the weather
Changing the way you're feeling today
Can you hear yourself
When there's no left turn?
All of the buildings piling up
But they're tumbling down
Watching your step you're wandering
Through the heart of the town
Faces are falling down to the pavement
Looking away I see in their eyes
Somebody told me Plan for the future
But everyday is leaving me dry...

​Gabriel worked all his life with his hands
Carving out faces that stared in a trance
All of his figures were made out of stone
All of his time he would spend all alone
Lines, shaping the lines Perfect designs
All of the times he tried
And late at night by candlelight
Time was unwinding
And on the thirtieth year of his life
Gabriel found he was losing his sight
Clawing his hands at the darkness of day
And in his mind he would slowly decay
Blind, losing his mind
Fell out of line
All of the times he died
Held it inside, nothing to try
Time was unwinding
Gabriel sat at the edge of his bed
Clawing out all of the hair on his head
Digging his hands in his skull made of clay
Gabriel carved out his halo today...

Semen Marie
​May, washing away
Mother May, grey eyes of May
She calls for Marie
Sight unseen, Semen Marie
Now calling aloud Times run out Roaming around
Light, searching the night
Why oh why?  Eyes open wide...
Oh Marie...
She found her Marie 
Watery, Semen Marie
Drowned without a sound
Sinking down, no one around
Why? My hands are dry.
Tried and tried to keep her alive.
You fell for a fool
Nothing new
Fools follow you...

If I Never Saw You
If I never saw you again
On this time around
Call me if you're ever away
In the lost and found
If I never saw you again
​It would seem so wrong 
And I know that it's just a phase
But it takes so long To finally say it's all been fun
Time to move on...tonight
And the streetlight shows you the way
On the road back home
All along you anticipate
What you just don't know
All the family smiling today
And it's been so long
If the never saw you again
Would it be seem so wrong?
To finally say it's all been fun
Time to move on...
And you're shadow never goes away
And you're chasing it on for days and days
All the painted walls you call your own
Will they ever remember when you're gone?

(You Were) On Your Way
When my bones are old, no more songs to play
All the tales are told and I call your name
So your crystal ball wasn't always right
But it won't be long till you start your life
​You were on your way...
On the day we met, you were half asleep
All the years we spent, never quite complete
So we circled round, in and out of bed
But I hope you found someone else instead
Time is grinding on Moving you along
On another road than I'll ever know
And I knew you so well
Well enough to know It was time to say goodbye
Saw you roll away, pulling out of sight
Nothing I could say, nothing left to try
You were on your way...

I am lost in the fog off the shore On the way
And the weight of the waves washed away All the days
And the picture you gave me was lost On the sea
But the picture of you in my mind All I need
I've waited so long to see you again
And I want to come home. How long has it been?
And the terrible storm in the night Crashed away
All the crew that were thrown overboard To their graves
But the captain and I did survive All alone
With no map and compass to guide Where to go
And the fog that surrounds us is all That we know
Set adrift in the mist of the white Through the cold
And the days pass as sure as the night shades of blue
So to wait for the foghorn is all I can do
Tell me captain now, and please don't lie
​How long has it been since we died?

Run Alone
I've been living on the edge all the time
Running through the city lights And all the narrow minds
Gotta push your way in line, you run alone
If you're hoping to survive, you run alone
So you're thinking that your toys Will save you time
But if they should ever break And you're on the line
Try to find the will to fight, you run alone
All your shelter is denied, you run alone
So long...
So you wanna find the one Who knows you're right
But when everyone you meet Seems so uptight
And the time is never right, you run alone
From the morning to the night, you run alone
If you ever stumble down on your way
There'll be someone else around There to take your place
And your name will be erased, you run alone
In a maze of masquerades, you run alone

Riding up through Ashland Traveling on the road
I stumbled into your hand And you led me home
You say that you're expecting On a Christmas day
And your belly's showing Everyone's afraid
And the child inside you isn't mine 
And I'm reminded every night
And so the taste is bittersweet I waited on the wings
Say that Johnny's left you To raise it on your own
But you just might leave it To a better home
And your mind is spinning Closer everyday
All your indecision, but it's getting late
And the child inside you isn't mine 
And you were riding by my side
And so the taste is bittersweet I waited on the wings
And your lipstick tastes like nicotine
With your innocence tattooed on your knees
With the unsure seed that you're planting now
That you buried under to dig a way out
And you've got your secrets Where should I begin?
All the shame you're feeling Underneath your skin
And you know you're so young Younger than you know
And a life is so long I guess you're on your own
And the child inside you isn't mine 
And you were lying all the time
And so the taste is bittersweet I waited on the wings

What You'll Never Know
​Crawling hands of steel and wire
When they scrape the sky, pile it higher
In the cloudy trains of faces blurring
And they scramble through the cracks and
Scurrying away, all day...What you'll never know...
So they sold you on the market 
For your shiny silver picture locket
With your father's portrait burning embers
Of the moldy days you still remember
When you played, all day...What you'll never know
Eyes are tight your lips are tighter From the words that slithered down the wire
When they peel away the plastic layers Of the mask you wore
And all the papers that you saved, always...What you'll never know.

No Sense of Time
​The pages from the sage you never saw
Could've told you all you know
All things I think you thought I knew
From the time I spent alone
And all the faces of a graceless age
Just a stain you left behind
Smooth and cold the roots are frozen up
Wasted words the satyr rhymed
With no sense of time
No more sense of time...
The devil that you knew so long ago
​Closed the doors and boarded up
He blessed the lust the jester must confess
To a sin that never comes
And all the faces of a graceless age
Try to count it up to nine
​The streets have lost the need to wash it clean
From all the houses in a line
With no sense of time
​No more sense of time...

No Way Back (2006)
All songs © 2006 by Jeff Gutman,
​Published by Mr. Knees Music, ASCAP

Early morning on a desert road
Wheels were turning Through the sand below
When a shadow fell across my eye
Miles from nowhere and his throat was dry
"I know, it's all I know...Too late to find the road back home.
I wait through all my days
For stars to fall and guide me on my way."
Door was opened but no words exchanged
Sat beside me, somehow knew my name
All my questions but he only laughed. 
Said he'd come too far, he can't go back.
Gears were grinding as the engine died
Rattled slowly pulling to the side
Heat was rising and it cracked the ground
Dug our heels in and we started down.
Voices in the canyon scraped my ears
Turned around, the stranger disappeared.
He left me standing just where I began
But I can't remember who I am...
(Ghost Choir)

Emerald Eyes
Emerald eyes, sweetest song of summer 
Stay a while, safe and under cover
And your voice, smooth as velvet moonlight
Melting down over me.
All those nights, carved into my heart 
And we tried, and we fell apart
​In your eyes, whispered from the start
That we tried all in vain.
All our time seemed to run together 
Every night fluttered like a feather
In this crowd full of faceless strangers
Somehow I found you there
Storm is coming, can you hear the thunder?
On the run, we've got to find our shelter.
Money's gone, a long a restless hunger
Soon we start to feeding off each other.
While the world crumbled into pieces
In a whirl, time was all we needed
In this town full of faceless dangers
Somehow I lost you there. 

Not Too Late
Do you know the way you're facing? 
Do you know the way back home?
All the lines that you're retracing 
Just to find where it all went wrong
All of the words unspoken Are fading away
All of the plans you've written down Are fading away
It's not too late
And I wondered how I got so restless 
And I wondered if you were the one
And the tide was coming in between us 
Boiling over till we came undone.
​And I want you to come back home
I've forgotten that things were wrong
And I want you to come back home.And this time...
Do you wonder if the days get shorter? 
Do you wonder what you leave behind?
And the shadows that you crawl down under
Will they catch you When you fall behind?

If I saw you in your disguise, 
The shadows crawling behind your eyes
It's been so long, It's been too long
You wouldn't know me now The mask I've worn
The hardened leather, the edges torn
It's been so long, It's been too long
Till midnight comes....
​And the last of the masquerades was on
Hands that moved the helpless pawns
 That danced across the halls
And we sat on the edges of the night
And spiraled in the smoky light Of alabaster white
And the moon seemed to shimmer Through the crowd
And silver lined your silken mouth 
That spoke without a sound
And we staggered together in the dark
We couldn't tell ourselves apart
But I know who you are...
And I said that I knew that I was wrong
I stayed away for far too long And left you on your own
And you said that you knew That I should know
Of how you let yourself unfold In arms that held you close.
Midnight found us at last
As I lifted your mask
Burning eyes through my bones
As my hands turned to stone
As my arms turned to stone
​As my eyes turned to stone
Standing frozen for all our days
I long to hold you and here I'll stay
It's been so long, It's been too long.

Chains around my neck that bind my legs
Pulled along the sand for all my days
Rise into the sun to scorch the earth
Salt within my blood that boils and burns
Those who fell before the falling lash
Buried under stone to cry their last
Pull the muscle tight to grind the bone
Falling into place the cornerstone
From the swollen tongue that spoke my name
Know the child you bear will know the same
To the heaven high, receive the gift
Born a sea of blood, the pyramid.

Once Again
And I would have waited for you, waited all my days
For the time when I could hear you say
You'd be mine once again.
And I wasn't looking when you turned your eyes away
​Did you know I would come back one day?
Did you know that one day?
But a sign was on the doorway
"Come again another Sunday"
And I knew you held another
All the weight was on your shoulder
And I would have waited for you, waited all my days
For the time when I could hear you say 
You'd be mine once again.
You'd be mine once again.

Sky is Falling
The sky is falling and how they run
​The crowd is crawling And now, tumbling down
Call out aloud as thunder so high above
And buried under alive, nowhere to hide
Under the sky
So hold your hands high and pray for rain
And hold your head high the same
Never the same
Never the same

The Secret
Long crawling shadows swallow the street
I stagger downward, fall to my knees
Canyons above me, winds howl below
Voices surround me, they'll never know...
I've got a secret I'll never tell
And for my secret, I'll see you in hell
Dark velvet curtains cover the night
Stars falling backward vanish from sight
They'll never stop now, nowhere is home
Heels fall behind me, come and they go
Hide in the doorway, they pass me by
​I stay awake and I may survive.

Holiday in the Sun
On our own holiday in the sun...
All of the people down on the street
Where are they going what do they need?
We could escape them, just you and I
Out on the highway, maybe tonight...
I wanted a picture to capture the sky
Driving in circles, we never arrive
Where we could end up, we'll never know
A day to remember when we get old...
Pictures of you, pictures of me
Pictures of hills, pictures of trees
Pictures to show all that I see
Pictures of homes covered with leaves
Pictures of sand covered with sea
Pictures I know that I'll never need...

No Way Back
​Days pass by my window
Falling through my hands
Its all behind me now, I've done all I can
All the things I've seen, Was it all a dream?
When you wake to find something missing...
Did you understand what was in your hand
When you held it high to the heavens
There's no way, no way back
There's no way, no way back...
Pictures that you gave me crumble into dust
It's more than I can bare, slowly losing touch
You won't listen now till the lights go down
And you're calling out "How'd I get here?"
But you need to know there's no way back home
So you'll carry on where you're going
There's no way, no way back
There's no way, no way back

​What in the World
In the space between the walls 
The sound dissolves away And all the words we say 
Are captured for all time
In my hands the clock was standing still 
And winding down until 
It slowed around the hours you were mine
Lost in photographs 
And unaware that all we had to share 
Was all the time we had nowhere to be
Stars we caught in shallow dreams 
Were fading more, The shadows seemed to stretch before 
As far as eyes could see...
What in the world have I done?
How can I say I was wrong?
All the time you wasted What was it for?
All the time I waited To see you at my door again...
All I have to show are years of holding on
To words we said and words we meant
And words that disappeared.
All I have to give you is a simple song
That never scratched the surface on
All the things you were to me...
What in the world have I done?
How can I say I was wrong?

Jeff Gutman