Jeff Gutman

​"If I Never Saw You"

Interview segment

"No Sense of Time"
"Two Please"(2007) Short film by Lisa Malazzo
(Featuring song "Holiday in the Sun"by Jeff Gutman)
Part 1

Part 2

"Two Divided By"
Short film by Jeff Gutman (1998)

"Respirating Time with David Benson
"Short documentary by Jeff Gutman (1998)
Part 1

​Part 2

Summer Vacation (2010)

Chemistry (2010)

J3 Music Videos

Jeff Gutman and Jason Schaeffer Concert Clips (2011-2012)
Throughout all of of my 2011 and 2012 shows, Jason Schaeffer has been accompanying me on lead guitar. We have a great rapport on stage and I truly enjoy what he brings to the songs. To hear some various clips from one of our concerts, click on the link below. Enjoy!

__   Jeff Gutman and Jason Schaeffer Concert Clips

I Can't Believe I Made it Through the Year (2011)
A reprise of the orchestral score I created for the end credits on Sam Klemke's independent film "Drawl @ the Mall" which can be seen on YouTube. A holiday treat. Enjoy! 

​___ "I Can't Believe I Made it Through the Year"   

Pure Tolerance (2010)
A long distance collaboration with Jesse Hearns-Branaman (Blue Third World and Homeland Security) who is currently living in Leeds, England. The music was written and recorded by Jesse, I wrote the melody and lyrics. Enjoy!

​__ _"Pure Tolerance"

A Long Time (2006)
An outtake from "No Way Back," this is actually a song I heard in a dream...

​__ _"A Long Time"

No Left Turn (2007 Version)
A completely reimagined version for one of the highlights of the 2002 album "Cold Cold Town"

___ "No Left Turn 2007 Version"

It's Sarah and No Name!
Jeff Gutman's Radio Ad for Sarah and No Name's Morning Show (Radio Alice 97.3)                 

​___ "It's Sarah and No Name" Promo Spot

Unreleased Songs

Live TV Appearance on
"The Bruce Latimer Show" (2002):
​"Cold Cold Town"

"No Left Turn"